Testimonials from Retailers (big and small) who use Get It Near Me™

Corner Furniture
Get It Near Me has been way better than paid search for me… the phones started ringing more and foot traffic saw a noticeable uptick as well."  more

Erich Strechler, Corner Furniture

More From Retailers
  • As an omnichannel retailer, we rely heavily on the cominbation of online & offline advertising to bring customers into our store. This program is brings in exactly the kind of customer we want."  more
    Carolina Rustica

    Carolina Rustica
  • The customers who come to us from you are much more likely to sign up for design consultations or buy something than the people we reach via other media channels... we’ll be able to reduce our spend on Google Adwords so that we can increase our monthly budget with you; we know the ROI is much higher."  more
    Rotmans Furniture & Carpet Store
    John Mockler
    Director of Information Technology
    Rotmans Furniture & Carpet Store
    Single Location: MA
  • With Wayfair’s Get It Near Me program, not only did it work, we saw real results quickly--more than 100 orders in-store and we’ve nearly doubled that since then."  more
    Nebraska Furniture Mart
    Jeff Douglas
    Marketing Manager
    Nebraska Furniture Mart
    3 Locations, Midwest Top 15 Retailer