Testimonials from Retailers (big and small) who use Get It Near Me™

Nurun Interactive Marketing Agency Top Furniture Retailer
Wayfair delivered visitors who were 78.8 percent more engaged with the client site than visitors arriving via the other content networks, while also delivering an average click-thru rate 41 percent greater than the other content networks."  more


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  • We've been very happy with the results we’ve seen so far, but GetItNearMe also has a lot more potential to drive specific results than Google or other mass online advertising where you’re just punching in the dark."  more
    American Furniture Warehouse
    Tony Mitchell
    Buyer and Corporate Purchasing Manager
    American Furniture Warehouse
    #27 U.S. Furniture Retailer
  • One of the key things we measure with any online media are coupon downloads and user engagement on our site, and Get It Near Me media is 19% better than the other media vehicles we use."  more
    Wingman Media for Sit 'N Sleep
    Janet Tran
    Interactive Media Manager
    Wingman Media for Sit 'N Sleep
    #69 U.S. Furniture Retailer (30 U.S. Locations)
  • The performance has been great too - ever since we started using Get It Near Me, our site traffic has actually doubled!"  more
    Brashear's Furniture
    Robert Hodgson
    Advertising Director
    Brashear's Furniture
    (2010 NHFA Retailer of the Year) 3 Locations: AR, MO