Testimonials from Retailers (big and small) who use Get It Near Me™

Nebraska Furniture Mart 3 Locations, Midwest Top 15 Retailer
With Wayfair’s Get It Near Me program, not only did it work, we saw real results quickly--more than 100 orders in-store and we’ve nearly doubled that since then."  more

Jeff Douglas, Nebraska Furniture Mart

More From Retailers
  • One of the key things we measure with any online media are coupon downloads and user engagement on our site, and Get It Near Me media is 19% better than the other media vehicles we use."  more
    Wingman Media for Sit 'N Sleep
    Janet Tran
    Interactive Media Manager
    Wingman Media for Sit 'N Sleep
    #69 U.S. Furniture Retailer (30 U.S. Locations)
  • I am thrilled with the results we are seeing... I really think that Get It Near Me ads are more targeted than even Google."  more
    FWS Home Furnishings
    Andrew Johnson
    Marketing Assistant
    FWS Home Furnishings
    1 Location: NY
  • With this program, we get right in front of these consumers when they’re shopping for the kinds of furniture that I sell – I couldn’t afford that kind of exposure with most other kinds of media, and I certainly wouldn’t get in front of them when it matters."  more
    Dream Home Interiors
    Daniel Waldron
    Marketing Manager
    Dream Home Interiors
    3 Locations: GA