You control the marketing cost.

No surprises, no long-term contracts, only hyper-relevant advertising on your budget.

We will charge your account
only when a customer
clicks on your ads.
You bid on your ads
however you like.
Your ads direct highly qualified
leads to your stores where you
can convert them into sales.

Our Pricing Model
  •  Get It Near Me™ charges on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. This means that you pay only for the people who arrive on your website by clicking your ad. In other words, you pay only for results. This model varies from cost-per-impression and banner ad models that charge based on the number of views your ad receives.
  •  Get It Near Me™ is an auction model; run of site advertising starts at $0.65 per click; a bargain compared to other sources of traffic.
  •  Other more targeted forms of CPC advertising (eg, focused on specific brands, categories, or price points) cost more based on the unmatched relevance of the advertising.
  •  Printable coupons and cost-per-lead advertising also are priced based on their relevance.
  •  Self-service tools allow you to set your bid at a price that makes sense for you, and beat out your competition to reach each shopper.